Kithumini & Rahul


We’re so excited to celebrate our wedding reception with y’all!

This is a companion site to our official wedding site.
“Why?”, you ask? Just a few reasons!

  1. Our official site is created with Zola, which allows us to quickly and easily (for the most part) create and manage a wedding site, but it doesn’t allow us to customize it as perfectly as we’d like.
  2. This companion site allows us to showcase fun and meaningful parts of our relationship.
  3. Rahul loves to flex his creativity muscle by building random sites for people to enjoy. (Fun fact: He built this site using some open source libraries he hadn’t used before, which is twice as exciting for him!)

Please take your time, look around, and enjoy!

❤️ See you soon,

Kimi & Rahul

P.S. We’d love to know you visited our site! Leave your name below if you’d like 😊